digiQC Academy

digiQC Academy is the brainchild of our founder Sumant Kachru - creator of digiQC, quality management software for construction industry. As quality of workmanship is controlled by the site engineers, it is necessary that they have the right orientation and practical skills to implement the same. As the academic education provided in colleges did not fulfil this aspects, fresh graduates tent to pick up the practical skills from the contractor foreman - which are generally not the good practice. This brings down the level of quality expected and delivered. To counter this problem, digiQC Academy provides necessary skills & quality orientation to entry level engineers and final year students. 

Team profile

Sumant Kachru


Jigar Hathiwala

Solution Expert

Sohini Shah

Business Head

Ashish Maheshwari

Customer Success Manager

Harsha Wadhwani

Training Implementation Specialist

Sweety Raval

Manager Partnerships 

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